Factors To Be Considered While Picture Framing

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When you have clicked that perfect picture getting it framed is probably not the most immediate thought that crosses your mind. But there is that photo you have on your phone, pc or camera that is just filling up your memory and not being seen by anyone. That is where all the creative process begin; again. Many questions cross your mind when you decide the get a picture framed. Is it frame-worthy, how I will frame it etc. Given below are some consideration that you should take when you decide to go for picture framing.For further information regarding this, feel free to visit them at picture mounts.

-Choose right photos: First step is to custom picture framing nyc, frame store nyc, picture framing services nycchoose the photo that you plan to print. Always print photo on a high quality paper using a high quality printer. Give a thought to how you plan to hang the picture as well. Is it Portrait or Landscape? Choose photos that represent you and accentuate the room that it is going to be displayed in and would love to see it day in day out

-Consider layouts: Consider how you plan to display your photos. Is it single-framed prints or some collage frames with spaces for several prints? You would need frames, backing, protective glass and colourful mats (thin piece of card board placed at the back of your photo) to display your photo. Mat is the place which dictates the amount of space you have to display your photo

-Use the mat and embrace it: You can certainly frame a photo without the mat but is certainly not recommended. Mat provides stability, protection and not to mention flare to your frame. Mat also provides proper spacing between your photo and protective glass. By keeping space between glass and picture it protects the picture from sticking onto the frame and probably colour peeling off from the pictures. Beside practical use Mat also provides many aesthetic benefits. Use mats to highlight your photos and even match it to your d├ęcor

-Frame materials: Material that you use for your frame depends on your budget and size of the photo you plan to frame. Frames are generally made of glass or plastic screens with composite material as their base. Both glass and plastic are popular option and it really boils down to your preference as they both have their own pros and cons.

-Frame made of plastic are duracustom picture framing nyc, frame store nycArticle Submission, picture framing services nycble and especially safe to use with small children around. Plastic frames are more durable and more shock proof then glass. Although plastic can become cloudy when exposed to sunlight as plastic absorbs more sunlight then glass

-Glass frames are often expensive and less durable then plastic frames however if treated with care they can last longer and provide more sophistication to your picture

-Get the framing done by experts: It is best to use the services of professional when you plan to display your photo in a costly frame. Framing can be an awkward job especially for pictures that are large or of dissimilar size.

-Always use a professional studio to help you craft your framing as per your requirement and turn your picture into a wonderful memory that you can share with the world